The foundation works for its core purpose of providing contributions to sustainable projects, including...

1 Support companies, individuals and institutions regarding education in areas which is close to the foundation's purpose and with special focus on the individuals operating in Northeast Skåne, Sweden.

2 For higher research in these areas specifically linked to experimental activities operated in Northeast Skåne, Sweden.

3 Support an annual prize for entrepreneurship within waste management or efficient cycles in Northeast Skåne, Sweden 

4 Support with financial contribution to international students who intend to obtain knowledge about resource supply, eg the 2-year education at Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

5 As a price for well-qualified groundbreaking development methods that also affect here mentioned topics in or outside Sweden.

6 Individuals' education and research at colleges and universities in or apart from Sweden within subject areas that concern waste management, environmental protection, resource supply and energy.

7 Financially support the foundation's subsidiary, in order to enable NOWaste to achieve its core purposes

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